Gnartec Ultimate Chin Mount


  • The base of the mount is made from a highly durable, super tough flexible rubber, which allows the mount to flex and contour around the Chin Bar of the Helmet
  • GoPro/Action Cam fixing mount is a custom CNC anodised aluminium part that is much stronger than any plastic.
  • Multi angle design, allowing you to fix the mount how you prefer, meaning you will always get your shot
  • Industrial grade cable ties included

Choose the position of your mount for your custom your filming angle, then capture some epic shots 

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Action Cam Vertical Adapter

Want to get mind blowing footage for Instagram Reels, Youtube Shorts and TikTok?
This Vertical Mount Adapter fits to your Ultimate Chin Mount in seconds, allowing you to capture awesome Vertical Video Content.

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The Gnartec Ultimate Chin Mount that has specifically been developed to attach on the chin bar of a helmet, giving the best POV angle available.

After years of development using rider feedback, we believe we have developed the Ultimate Chin Mount that offers you everything need in one very small, strong, stealth product that custom contours around each helmet providing a solid secure fit, which offers a truly amazing filming angle, capturing all the action in the most engaging way possible.

Performance, innovation, and style has been rolled into our latest product, the Ultimate Chin Mount!

Additional information

Select Action Cam Mount Colour


Alloy Mount Colour

Black Anodised Alloy, Standard Silver Alloy


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