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The passion behind Gnartec

Here at Gnartec we focus on designing and producing products that do not currently exist in the market.

We are all about innovation, problem solving and making products that not only are fantastic quality, function brilliantly, but look freaking awesome.

We are a small team that is fuelled by our passion for all things on 2 wheels.

It all started one day whilst riding, Luke realised his 6 month old high spec bike had already sustained substantial damage, even though he hadn’t crashed that many times.

Realising that Meg’s bike, and those belonging to friends had the same problem, he researched for bike protection, and specifically MTB fork protection but to no avail.

Coming from an engineering background, Luke decided to make some mock designs on how to tackle this problem and hired the accomplished design engineer Mark Davies (who as it turns out is a climber and biker also).

Following months of design, testing, and amazingly positive consumer feedback, Gnartec was born.

Now with several product launches imminent (check our Coming Soon page for more information), and a team of 4 passionate people (Luke, Mark, Meghan and Joanna) Gnartec continues to focus on problem solving, MTB innovation and design.