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Ultimate MTB Fork Protectors

We all like our MTB’s looking fresh, and adding parts to our bikes is what makes them our own, and as one of the most common areas on a bike to get damaged are the lower forks, we have created a truly innovative and customisable product that not only improves your bikes looks, but more importantly it protects your ride from the Gnar on the trail that lies ahead.

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Action Cam Mount_

We love filming our wins, actually we love filming our losses too, who we are kidding, we just love filming, but we do not love having to carry around various GoPro Mounts, disassembling and reassembling on the move, as we all need different mounts for different shots, until now.

The Gnartec team have designed a brand new innovative do it all GoPro/Action Cam Mount.
Strap it to a tree, mount it to your helmet on the chin bar, handlebars, seat, horse riding saddle, kayak paddle, rucksack strap, wrist, dog harness, use your creativity, your imagination, and get all those awesome shots by using just one mount.

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Gnartec MTB Scorpion Frame Protection Kit

An MTB Frame makes up most of the bike, keeping everything together so we can go full send.

This is why it is important to keep it protected, but don’t worry, gone are the days of boring clunky frame protectors, now you can add custom protection that looks sick and that offers huge protection against the Gnar.

From stealth matte black to iridescent translucent quad tone colours, with a variety of protection add-ons available, you really can build your MTB downtube protection to exactly your spec with our revolutionary Downtube Protection Kit.

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Special Edition Gnartec Hoodies

Join the Gnartec movement with one of our Stunning Special Edition Hoodies.

Gnartec hoodies are exceptional quality, hardwearing, super comfortable with stunning embroidered branding unlike anything else available, which fits with the Gnartec Style and Ethos perfectly!

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Protection your way_

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At Gnartec we have made it our mission to offer your ride the protection that is deserves.
With your very own customised set-up, your bike will not only look awesome, but will be protected against the gnar that lies ahead.

Our Story_

On our mountain biking journey to become the best rides that we can be, we stumbled upon some problems that we couldn't believe hadn't been solved - customisable protection.

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Meet the Team_

Come say hello and meet the team behind Gnartec!

Coming Soon_

We’re always coming up with new ideas and innovations at Gnartec. Come see what we have in our pipelines!

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