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Here at Gnartec we have a passion for mountain biking, thinking outside of the box to design, produce and deliver innovative products for MTB enthusiasts, nationwide and around the globe. By riders, for riders, we are all about innovation and problem solving, designing and making products that are not only fantastic quality, but function brilliantly and look freaking awesome too. We are a small team fuelled by a passion for all things on two wheels, with our product ranges constantly expanding with new solutions, action cam mounts, accessories and protection equipment, such as fork protectors, frame protectors and mud guards. Read on to find out more, and buy online today.

MTB Chin Mount Flex

Ultimate Chin Mount_

The Gnartec Ultimate Chin Mount has been specifically developed to attach on the chin bar of a helmet, giving the best POV angle available. After years of development and rider feedback, we have developed the ultimate chin mount that offers everything you need in one very small, strong, stealth product. The base of the mount is made from a highly durable, super tough flexible rubber, which allows the mount to flex.

Chin MountImmersive MTB Footage

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MTB Fork Protectors_

Forks are one of the most commonly damaged parts of a MTB. Due to the forks’ low frontal position on the bike they are susceptible to damage from a whole host of possibilities such as stone chips and rock hits and there isn’t much that won’t damage your forks if you fall off! Don’t forget those uplift days also, where bike forks are often damaged during the loading, unloading and transporting stage.

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360 Action Cam Mount_

Riders love filming their wins, actually we love filming our losses too, but no one loves carrying around various Action Cam mounts, and the need for different mounts for different shots. At Gnartec, we have designed a world-first, innovative, do it all Action Cam mount, that allows you to swivel the camera 360º ensuring you get that perfect shot.

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New MTB Frame Protection Coming

MTB Scorpion Frame Protection

It’s exciting times here at Gnartec! We will soon be launching our new innovative MTB Scorpion Frame Protection Kits, adding to our growing range of mountain bike protection products. Join the hype by sending us an email to register your interest, or drop us a message on the social media. We’ll be sure to let you know, and hope you’ll be as stoked as we are with the new product. Hit the trail, hit it hard!

Vertical Action Cam Adapter

Vertical media content has swept across all social media platforms, with the likes of TikTok purely focusing on vertical videos.This is exactly why we have released our Vertical Action Cam Adapter, giving riders the option to change their recording angle within seconds whilst out on the trails, ensuring they will capture their riding exploits in the right video format to share.

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MTB Protection For Worldwide Delivery

We are a UK based company offering mountain bike protection products and accessories for delivery worldwide. With some of the globes top riders endorsing and repping our products, protecting their rides from the inevitable gnar, we hope to add you as one of our thousands of happy customers. All of our protection products and action cam mounts are made to order with a passion for the trail, by riders for riders.

Our Story_

On our mountain biking journey to become the best rides that we can be, we stumbled upon some problems that we couldn't believe hadn't been solved - customisable protection.

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Meet the Team_

Come say hello and meet the team behind Gnartec!

Coming Soon_

We’re always coming up with new ideas and innovations at Gnartec. Come see what we have in the pipeline.

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