Stuff Coming Soon…


Action Cam Chin Mount 

We already have the “Do It All” Action Cam mount, that can be pretty much positioned anywhere, but we wanted to produce a specific mount that fits specifically and directly onto the chin bar on a full face helmet.

This design is super neat, strong, and offers a custom fit due to the flexible rubber base.

Prototype testing has gone fantastically, and we hope to roll out the product release very soon.


Stuff Coming Soon…


Extreme Frame Protector/Bash Plate

Along side our smaller sized frame protector, we will be offering an Extreme version that can be used as a temporary solution for those gnarly rides out, or a permanent solution for those of you that want to always protect your bike to the Max.

You will also have the option with our Extreme Frame/Downtube Protector to add additional protection slots, which forms a pattern going up the bikes down tube as seen in this image.

As always this product will be available in all colours imaginable, which can match your other Gnartec accessories.



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