MTB Fork Protector Sleeve-Ride Hard Version


Your bike needs protection, but why not also trick out your ride with our innovative world first Fork Protector Sleeves.

  • Protects your Forks against Impacts, Crashes, Trail debris, Bikes Rubbing on the uplift etc
  • Attaches to your bike in seconds
  • Detailed MTB inspired engraving
  • Made from a super tough polycarbonate material
  • Update Stealth Angular Design
  • Custom colour options available
  • The Flexible Fork Protectors will custom fit around your forks no matter the brand or model
  • Gives you fork a fresh clean look

Included in order:

  • 2 x Ride Hard Fork Protectors 
  • Fitting Accessories

Have some big rides planned? Going to push your bike hard?

It’s time to protect your MTB Forks from the trail ahead with our Latest Fork Protector Sleeves

Need something custom? Find out more.

  • Never Steady Reddy
  • Blasting Through Blue
  • Getting After It Gold
  • Vicious Violet
  • Open Throttle Orange
  • Pushing Hard Purple
  • Mean Green
  • Mighty Whitey
  • Gung-Ho Gun Metal
  • Badass Black
  • No Colour Clear

Want to add a badass matching Mudguard to your order?

Of course you do, who wouldn’t…
The Ride Hard Mudguard will be made with the same colour and effect as your Fork Protectors

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Fitting Instructions

Forks are one of most commonly damaged parts of a MTB.

This is due to the forks low frontal position on the bike, which is susceptible to damage from a whole host of possibilities such as stone chips, rock hits, and that’s when you are on the bike, because if you fall off, there isn’t much that won’t damage your forks.

It it only takes a very small misjudgement through a rock garden and your beautiful forks are not so beautiful anymore.

This is why we we have developed an industry first MTB fork protector range, that not only protect your MTB forks, but look great whilst doing so.

Protect, customise and give your bike something special to make it standout in any lineup.

The Gnartec Ride Hard Fork Protector Edition is beautifully engraved with all things MTB, that not only offers your MTB Forks extensive protection, but adds some Gnar style that will turn heads for sure.

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Never Steady Reddy, Blasting Through Blue, Getting After It Gold, Vicious Violet, Open Throttle Orange, Pushing Hard Purple, Mean Green, Mighty Whitey, Gung-Ho Gun Metal, Badass Black, No Colour Clear


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