Gnartec Do It All Action Cam Mount


  • The base of the mount is made from a highly durable, super tough flexible rubber, which allows the mount to flex and contour around anything
  • GoPro/Action Cam fixing mount is a custom CNC anodised aluminium part that is much stronger than any plastic.
  • Fixing mount rotates 360 degrees, allowing for a truly custom filming angle
  • Multi angle design, allowing you to fix the mount vertically or horizontally meaning you will always get your shot
  • 6 Different anchor point, giving you a variety of mounting options
  • Velcro strap and reusable zip ties (add-on)

Important Stuff: The mount rotates 360 degrees when the zip-ties are loose. Choose your filming angle, tighten and the mount and camera are secure. Only the rubber base is available in different colours.

Need something custom? Find out more.


Metallic Colour Upgrade

Optionally upgrade your colour to metallic (full metallic colour, or a metal shimmer) for that extra shine.

Want a translucent Rubber Base?

A translucent mount added with metallic flecks is super sick, just look at the red and orange translucent + Metallic Mounts shown in the gallery.

*Be sure to select the “Metallic shimmer” box if you want both translucent + Metallic flecks on your mount

Velcro Strap & Zip-Tie Bundle

Make life easier with 4 x re-useable zip-ties and 1 x velcro strap, so to get that perfect shot.

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Want A Custom Gnartec Action Cam Mount? Check Out All The Colours Available And Click Here To Place Your Order.

Dark Green
Light Green
Light Blue
Light Brown
Light Pink
Custom Order

Full Metallic Vs Metallic Shimmer

Choose between full metallic finishing or metallic shimmer

Translucent base option

Choose between translucent finishing or standard.

We love filming our wins, actually we love filming our losses too, who we are kidding, we just love filming, but we do not love having to carry around various GoPro Mounts, disassembling and reassembling on the move, as we all need different mounts for different shots, until now.

The Gnartec team have designed a brand new innovative world first do it all GoPro/Action Cam Mount, that now allows you to swivel the camera 360 degrees ensuring you get that perfect shot.
Strap it to a tree, mount it to your helmet on the chin bar, handlebars, seat, horse riding saddle, kayak paddle, rucksack strap, wrist, dog harness, use your creativity, your imagination, and get all those awesome shots by using just one mount.
Here is just one example of the different type of show you can achieve with our mount:

Additional information

Select Action Cam Mount Colour

Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Violet, White, Yellow

Alloy Mount Colour

Black Anodised Alloy, Standard Silver Alloy


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